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Shenzhen New District investigated 6 black electroplating processing plants in June

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The Shenzhen New District Urban Construction Bureau and the public security department have again seized two black electroplating processing plants in the Guanlan area, and this month, six black electroplating processing plants were seized. On the basis of the law enforcement month in April and May of this year, the law enforcement department of the New District Urban Construction Bureau summed up the experience, increased the enforcement of violations, and extended the environmental water law enforcement month to June and July to make the law enforcement work sustainable and long-lasting. . After many in-depth visits to the community, law enforcement officers summed up a set of working methods based on the clues provided by the masses. With this set of work experience, I have achieved quite good work results. On June 9, law enforcement officers inspected a non-certified processing plant next to No. 66 Laowei, Gengkeng New Village, Guanlankeng Community.

    According to the investigation, the unlicensed processing factory opened in the iron room is mainly engaged in hardware processing and chrome plating, cleaning and polishing pollution process. The industrial wastewater generated during the production process is directly discharged without treatment, which seriously pollutes the environment. At present, the person in charge of the factory has been handed over to the public security department for further processing. On June 19th, law enforcement officers investigated and dealt with two unlicensed processing plants located in Huaying Logistics Park in Guanlankeng Old Village and Yingguang Industrial Zone in Guanlan Fumin Community. It has been verified that the two unlicensed processing plants are engaged in hardware processing, with electroplating, polishing and cleaning pollution processes. The industrial wastewater generated during the production process is directly discharged without treatment.

    On the afternoon of June 24, law enforcement officers found an underground electroplating plant in a tin room in the old village of Guanniuhu, and investigated and dealt with the underground electroplating plant with environmental violations. On the morning of June 25, in the old folk house next to No. 13 Zhangyi Village, Huangzikeng, Junzi Bu, the law enforcement officers discovered and investigated two electroplating factories jointly run by Chen and Wang. It has been verified that the two electroplating plants are equipped with oxidation, polishing, nickel plating, aluminum plating, electrophoresis and other pollution processes, and the generated wastewater is directly discharged into the factory without any treatment, polluting the environment.

    As of June 26, the environmental law enforcement department of the new district has sealed up the above six electroplating plants and reported penalties; the monitoring department has sampled the wastewater of the six factories involved, and legally treated 21 tons of chromium and nickel. The copper-containing and aluminum-containing wastewater shall be sequestered and cleaned and handed over to a qualified environmental protection company for disposal. At the same time, the Urban Construction Bureau of the New District also jointly sealed the six underground electroplating plants with the security supervision and public security departments, and further handled the suspected environmental criminal offences in the case. It is reported that the Urban Construction Bureau of the New District attaches great importance to environmental protection propaganda reports. Since the party's mass line education practice activities, the Bureau has repeatedly mobilized the masses to jointly crack down on environmental violations and achieved good group defense effects. The main person in charge of the bureau has repeatedly stated that it is necessary to adopt a “zero tolerance” attitude towards environmental violations, and that the people have a living environment where the air can breathe freely and the water can be safely consumed.