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Applicable to precious metals such as gold plating, silver plating, etc. on mobile phone shell, sign, etc.
Under the full automatic control mode, the new CP1H series PLC of Japanese OMRON company is used in the electrical control of the system, and the MT-508 series touch screen of Japanese VeiNview company is used in the man-machine interface (if it is semi-automatic control mode, there is no PLC and touch screen); the air switch and contactor of Japanese FUJI company are used in the control element; the pulse rectifier of Jin Shunyi can be used in the rectifier according to the principle. The plating parts of your company choose different pulse settings (if the pulse rectifier is selected, the rectifier's adjustment mode is manual adjustment, but the starting mode is automatic start); or the automatic control rectifier can be selected, which can be programmed automatically on the touch screen with different currents for different products; the automatic manipulator uses the cylinder of Japan SMC Company to complete the injection. The action of loosening die and pressing die of plating template, we can make one-to-one silica gel die corresponding to the product according to the requirements of various types of products of your company, which can complete the precise positioning of the plating area of the workpiece; the silica gel spray port, that is, the plating area of the product, is the cathodic conduction of Ti in the middle, with the handle of the template on both sides, so that the template can be easily removed and replaced. The product type is very convenient, only need to replace the upper and lower spraying template; the lower spraying template is equipped with an anode plate, the material is platinum-titanium mesh, which can ensure that the conductivity of electroplating is in the best state.