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Four major countermeasures to solve the problem of the surface treatment industry in the post-crisis era

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The typhoon of the financial crisis has passed, and the world economy is still recovering. Although the economy achieved the goal of “guarantee eight” in 2009, China’s economic development is not perfect. Although China is still the fastest growing economy in the world, China is undoubtedly affected by the slowdown in world economic growth. Exports fell, foreign investment decreased, and unemployment rate rose. This crisis has given many new enlightenments and lessons to the Chinese economy and even the surface treatment industry. The surface treatment industry needs to seek new rises in reflection in the post-crisis era. The practice of responding to the impact of the international financial crisis tells us that the more difficult it is in development. The challenge is to combine the growth and adjustment structure, promote transformation in development, and develop in transformation. As the saying goes, the crisis is dangerous. With the arrival of 2010, a series of favorable policies play a greater role in all walks of life. How should China's surface treatment industry respond in 2010? In the post-crisis era, the challenges and opportunities in the post-crisis era —— 2010 is undoubtedly a very crucial year.

Countermeasure 1: Market-oriented, adjusting industrial structure
Surface treatment companies must adjust their industrial structure and optimize their industries. Market-oriented, including domestic and foreign markets, including existing and potential markets; innovation as a means to combine production, education and research, and then accelerate the upgrading, accelerate the management of the surface treatment industry and the rise of technology. At present, the world is in the traditional industry and energy-saving and new energy industry “race”, China's surface treatment industry will work hard in energy conservation, emission reduction and high technology in the future, shaping the “green economy” concept to promote industrial upgrading. And structural adjustments.

Countermeasure 2: Finding the right position and accelerating the survival of the fittest
Accelerate the pace of survival of the fittest. Enterprises can identify their own positioning, then organize optimization, reduce costs, and improve the cost performance of products.

Countermeasure 3: Implementing detailed services to accelerate new product development
The vast number of surface treatment enterprises should implement detailed services, take the mechanism of market operation as the entry point, accelerate the development of new products, and carry out clean production; further clarify the specific industry categories of key development, increase policy support, and guide various types of capital investment. To gather talents and technical resources to achieve “precise guidance” for strategic emerging industries to form a new economic growth point for the surface treatment industry in the post-crisis era. At the same time, we must actively use high-tech means to build the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Countermeasure 4: Recruiting talents and increasing talent introduction
At present, the high-end talents in the surface treatment industry are mostly abroad and some foreign companies. They have mastered the most advanced technology in the industry and have excellent management skills. In order to vigorously develop the domestic surface treatment industry, it is necessary to introduce talented entrepreneurs, including foreign talents, and also to acquire foreign companies, and then set up R&D points abroad to make secondary development industries in China. design.